Greenest Block

Greenest Block 
Robson Redux 
Viva Vancouver Competition 2015 
Honourable Mention 


Until now, VIVA Vancouver's $45,000 competition budget could only fund furniture-scaled installations that occupy the 800 block of Robson during the summer months. Our civic-minded use of the same budget is more generous. It will create an urban-scaled transformation of this popular gathering hub. The streets, existing VAG stairs, sidewalks and almost everything else will be painted with temporary, water-based marking paint.

By linking the existing Robson Square gardens, civic planters and trees all together the lushness of the existing landscape will be emphasized, while transforming all hard surfaces into large, free-form congregation zones. Invisible to most people as they manoeuver through their city, the paving textures, curbs and street furniture will be highlighted as one fluid form, seemingly solid. The existing VAG stairs will become central to this green transformation, letting the citizens have a new summer romance with an old fling.

Lectures, busking, rants, picnics, streaking, demonstrations and simply milling around will be green-tinged and super natural. This instant park will quite literally be the Greenest Block in Vancouver. Look for it this summer.